Yellow Modernist Movement Original HKL Artwork

Original HKL design yellow canvas framed painting. This collection is proof that you don’t have to be afraid of picking the wrong style or mixing different colours. A mixed wall like this is minimalistic and yet eye-catching, which leaves room for interpretation and imagination.


Length 43 cm x width 4 cm x height 53 cm

Retail price: £195.00


Dimensions and materials 

  •         dimensions: 75x2,5x95cm
  •         product length/depth (cm): 75
  •         product width (cm): 2,5
  •         product height (cm): 95
  •         product diameter (cm): 2800
  •         material: Oak/ glass/ paper/ linen
  •         characteristic: 2,5mm glass

Yellow Modernist Movement Original HKL Artwork


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