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White Terraza Jar Candle

Terraza styled coconut candle, perfect as a gift. Our Coconut flower soy wax candle with 45 hours burn time comes in a white re-useable Terraza jar with a wooden lid. Perfect for making living lovely!





  •  colour: White speckled Terraza
  • dimensions: 13x13x14cm
  • product height (cm): 14
  • product diameter (cm): 13
  • product weight (gr): 2500
  • material: Concrete, Stone, Wood,
  • 50% Soy wax, 50% Vegetable wax,
  • Fragrance characteristic: Coconut flower scent,
  • 45 burning hours
  • product capacity (ML): 650


White Terraza Jar Candle

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