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Preloved - Lauren Bravo

Preloved (Hardback)

Lauren Bravo (author)



448 Pages

Published: 27/04/2023



A heartwarming tribute to friendship, second chances and the strange allure of charity shops, Bravo's delightfully witty novel finds the rudderless Gwen attempting to rebuild her life. Gwen is coasting through life. She's in her mid-thirties, perpetually single, her friends are busy procreating in the countryside and conversations with her parents seem to revolve entirely around the council's wheelie-bin timetable. And she's lonely. But then, isn't everyone?

When she's made redundant from a job she hardly cares about, she takes herself out for a fancy dinner. There she has the best sticky toffee pudding of her life and realises she has no one to tell. She vows to begin living her life fully, reconnect with her friends and family, and finally book that dentist's appointment.

Gwen decides to start where all things get a second chance: her local charity shop. There, with the help of the weird and wonderful people and donated items bursting with untold stories, Gwen will find a way to move forward with bravery, tenacity, and more regular dental care.



'A heartwarming tale of friendship, loss and being true to yourself, regardless of expectations.' - Red


Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
ISBN: 9781398510623
Number of pages: 448
Dimensions: 234 x 153 x 31 mm

Preloved - Lauren Bravo

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