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Pink Ceramic Striped Mug - Mars

Pink striped 70's design mug, classic colourful ceramic earthenware mug. Perfect gift to brighten up your home office, or why not try a set of 4 for coffee break? 


  •        Pink striped 70's ceramic mug design
  •         dimensions: 7,5x7,5x8cm
  •         product length/depth (cm): 7,5
  •         product width (cm): 7,5
  •         product height (cm): 8
  •         product diameter (cm): 7,5
  •         product weight (gr): 220
  •         material: Stoneware
  •         characteristic: Reactive glaze
  •         food safe: Yes
  •         dishwasher proof: Yes
  •         product capacity (ML): 180
  •         microwave proof: Yes
  •         Make a great gift

Pink Ceramic Striped Mug - Mars

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