Ocean Teal Velvet Millennial Bar Stool - Brass, Copper or Black Leg

This popular modern Art Deco inspired stylish upholstered dining chair, is perfect for a touch of glamour and elegance. The curved back, with stunning quilted detailing, hugs the contours of the body for a comfortable fit and brass or black metal legs create a super modern feel to any space.


Choose from the beautifully muted Ocean Teal, Navy Blue, Soft Black Velvet, Pebble Grey, monochrome velvets.


Copper legs - 65cm

Brass legs - 65cm

Black legs - 65cm

Black legs - 75cm

Copper legs - 75cm

Brass legs - 75CM



Monochrome Velvet Upholstered, Pebble Soft Grey, Soft Black Velvet,



  • Bar Seat Height 75cm, Total Height 101cm, Base Width 48cm, Base Depth 43cm
  • Counter Seat Height 65cm, Total Height 99cm, Base Width 48cm, Base Depth 43cm


  • Details 
  • Velvet Upholstered Materials:
  • Metal, velvet, UK FR foam inner UKFR* Flame Retardant Safety UK Standards
  • Some Self assembly required
  • Modern bar furniture for home, office, hotel, or res