Movement - Artwork by Benjamin Eweing

Movement - Black on White fluid line Art in a frame by American artist Benjamin Ewing (1993). This linen/paper print artwork is Benjamin Ewing's interpretation of "movement". The artwork is set in an oak wooden frame. 


More of this artist's work can be seen The Audo - Design Hotel in Copenhagen and also at The Surf Rider Hotel in Malibu. A limited-edition and classic to own for your home perfect for a Modern organic aesthetic. As featured in Wallpaper magazine June 2019.

Does art come from the heart? It definitely does when looking at the artwork of Portland-based artist Benjamin Ewing (1993). Spanning the fields of print, design, fine art and photography, Ewing’s work feels like a never-ending story. This young multidisciplinary artist aims to put his emotions directly on paper, which results in fluid lines, always with a focal point to get lost in.

Length 75 cm x width 2,5 cm x height 95 cm 

Retail price: £219,00


Dimensions and materials 

  •         dimensions: 75x2,5x95cm
  •         product length/depth (cm): 75
  •         product width (cm): 2,5
  •         product height (cm): 95
  •         product diameter (cm): 2800
  •         material: Oak/ glass/ paper/ linen
  •         characteristic: 2,5mm glass

Movement - Artwork by Benjamin Eweing