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Modern Hanging Plant Duo

Black duo plant hanging basket frame - Perfect for those with small spaces for balconys and windows this hanging planter is both cic and minimal in design pop your succulents or herbs inside  and tend your baby plants and watch them grow.


This planter is ideal for creating depth and bringing plants and greenery into your living space. Place on a hook in a sunny window and watch your plants thrive. 


Biophilic touches in the home create a feeling of wellbeing and are known to reduce stress, why not add a miniature greenhouse to your space and grow your own herbs make teas and feel the benefits. 


Perfect for planting various herbs or succulents and trailing house plants

Tip: Remove pots from frame for watering

Product Size: 12.2 x 11.2 x 56cm

Chain not included.

Modern Hanging Plant Duo

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