Green Yellow Overdyed Patina Rug 180 x 280

Printed overdyed 100% Cotton distressed faded grandeur, ottoman style floor rug. Step back in time and add a vintage effect floor rug to your living room, bedroom, office or study. Perfect under sofas to add a touch of warmth across a wood or marble floor. 


Design Tip- for rugs generally best to go slightly bigger than the furniture to create a more spacious zoned experience. Check the size and measure your space to get the best option.


Available in 2 x Sizes 180 x 280cm or Small 120 x 180cm 



  • Colour: Green/Yellow
  • Washing instructions : Spot clean only
  • Dimensions: 180x280cm - Large
  • Product length/depth (cm): 280
  • Product width (cm): 180
  • Product weight (gr): 5200
  • Material: COTTON
  • Dimensions: 180x280cm - Small
  • Product length/depth (cm): 180
  • Product width (cm): 120
  • Product weight (gr): 2200


Colours Available :



Made from:

100% Cotton


Dimensions: Available in 2 x Sizes

Large 180 x 280cm

Small 120 x 180cm 


Delivery 2-4 weeks

Green Yellow Overdyed Patina Rug 180 x 280

Colour: Green Yellow