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Cube design wall storage set of 3

Cube design wall hanging shelves, perfect for curating a modern home office or back to college study space. Why not have some fun creating an art wall with the different size boxes which can be configured in lots of cool ways?  be it in a neat row or in a triangle or as shown here, create your own individual look!



Dimensions and Details:


  • Set of 3 metal wall shelf
  •  Easy to hang
  • Measrements:
  • (1) 20x20x20cm,
  • (2) 24x24x24cm,
  • (3) 28x28x28cm
  • Measurements:
  • (L)28cm,
  • (W)28cm,
  • (H)28cm -
  • Weight: kg
  • Colour(s): Black
  • Material(s): Metal

Cube design wall storage set of 3

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