Tea Tray - Two Cup or Round Trays, Retro Birch Trays

Cool Retro Modern Scanidinavian print tray on birchwood ply. Super cool retro modern style birchwood tea tray, perfect for those cosy lap top, suppers!


Great gifts for couples, style-savvy, aspiring chefs, to present their expertly made dishes this cool print tray is perfect for serving sandwiches or cocktails! in simple monochrome, or multi-colour on white design, fits into any home perfect as a gift for that hard to buy brother or sister, auntie or Uncle for Christmas. Great weddings, or birthday gift, for the style-savvy man or woman in your life!


Selectio of Scandinavian retro prints in both Circular, Round Tray, 31cm or 2xcup tea tray 20x27cm

Silver White Creation Adam and Eve, print tray. both sizes

Black and White monochrome retro print tray. both sizes

Mustard Retro Print- circular 31cm tray only.

City-lovers 2 x cup tray 20x27cm only.

Scandinavian birds print tray both sizes.

Black Sheep print tray both sizes.

Modernist Art Lover print -circular 31cm tray only.



Made in Sweden from 100% Birch Wood Ply.



31cm Diameter Circular tray.

20x27cm two cup tea tray.

Please select size when ordering. 

Tea Tray - Two Cup or Round Trays, Retro Birch Trays